Social Issue

The Over-Fishing of Sharks

Senior year revolved around one social issue that we selected. We designed three different projects, a clock, an exhibit structure, and a book that included the research found about our topic. For my topic I chose something that I have been passionate about for a while now, the over-fishing of sharks. Sharks are being fished to the point of extinction. I believe that sharks are a lot more important than we fully realize and we can’t really have healthy oceans without them. Sharks get a bad wrap and I feel that they just need more people to stand up for them and choosing this topic was my chance to shed some light on an issue not a lot of people know about.


My concept behind the clock was to show the effects of hunting sharks over time. I had the fins disappear as time goes on, showing how species of shark will go extinct if we don’t change things. The water changes from a bright blue to a red. This symbolizes the way the sharks are being killed and the Red List, a comprehensive list of endangered animals. The main objective of the clock was to give the viewer context and information on the issue without making it state out right what is happening.


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The end of the year exhibit is put on by the Visual Communication Design senior class as their last project before graduation. For this exhibit we design structures about our chosen social issue. Because of COVID-19, our exhibit was virtual. We hosted it through the online platform VR All Art. For my panels I designed an infographic comparing the number of shark and human deaths in a year, illustrated a hammerhead shark, and used the ocean as a source of aesthetic inspiration.


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7 x 3.5 ft 

Senior Book

The senior book contains information on our chosen social issue and the process for all of the projects done throughout the year. I used a similar color pallet to my exhibit panels but used a light pink instead to add some contrast.


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